You seem to be missing the point entirely. This is not about sexism, it is about class. I refuse to give quarter to, let alone support, a woman with a net worth of $196 MILLION stand there and tell us that we cannot have single payer healthcare. This doesn’t make me sexist, it just makes me someone who is woke enough to realise that women can be just as elitist as men. She has a private jet, and yet she would have us believe that she is the champion of working people?

Likewise Dianne Feinstein, who recently had the gall to pretend she didn’t understand what Medicare for All actually meant, and then proceeded to insult her audience by parroting a string of Right Wing talking points about “government takeover of our healthcare”. This same woman who a week later went to a big fundraising bash with Big Pharma and Health Insurance lobbyists. This woman who is worth $40 MILLION. And has a private jet.

And then there is Claire McCaskill, a right winger if ever there was one, who grabbed the spiotlight in the Primary by associating Bernie Sanders with “a hammer and sickle” for his socialist positions. This woman, who also vehemently opposes single payer healthcare for working people, when she herself is worth $20 MILLION. And — you guessed it — she also has a private jet.

Viewed in this context, it is easy to see why the Hive Queen herself, Hillary Rodham Clinton (Net worth: $153 MILLION), was perfectly happy to scream at the top of her lungs that single payer healthcare would “never, EVER come to pass!”.

The Democratic Party has proven itself over and over again to be the handmaiden to Big Money Donors, and it is so elitist that it has lost touch with the working people and the middle class of the US. This is obvious from the way that they have been wiped out at all leveles of government from coast to coast. They made this decision consciously: under the pro-corporate, pro-Wall Street ethos of the DLC they turned away from unions and the working class to court corporations, the rich, and the white collar “professional class”.

Let’s face it — the four women I mentioned above woudl all see their taxes increase dramatically of Bernie Sanders managed to get his platform passed. You think they want that? Hint: the answer is NO. And at the risk of being firther castigated as a sexist, I will add that their millionaire husbands would also be against the dramatic tax increases that Bernie would place on them.

So PLEASE — let’s just drop all this bullshit about principled positions and identity politics and “far-left” versus “progressive” versus “liberal”.

It’s all about THE MONEY, Lebowski.

Joe is a US Ex-Pat with dual US-EU citizenship, who travels Europe extensively, commenting on trends, attitudes, politics and more.

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