You are jut chock full of nonsense, aren’t you? Put down the pipe and listen up: we must go after the Blue Dogs because as long as they exist, the Democrats will only ever be as progressive as the most conservative Blue Dog. The Blue Dogs play an integral role in maintaining the corproate lock on the Party, that is why the DCCC is putting so much effort and money into them. The corporatist “leadership” of the Dems rely on the Blue Dogs for phony alibis: “we all want single payer, but the Blue Dogs cannot afford to support it, so we need to protect them.”

Obama used that same argument to give himself cover for not even proposing a public option in the ACA.

So your “witty” response is really just a bunch of bullpuckie. We literally have NOTHING to lose by opposing and thereby EXPOSING the Blue Dogs. If Republicans win and retain control of the house because the Blue Dogs lost, then I say great. At least we progressives will be spared the agony that Charlie Brown endures every time Lucy holds the football for him.

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