You are deranged and very confused. The Russians have been bending over backwards to try to keep the arms control regime in place.

The new crop of Russian weapons were not developed in response to Trump. They were developed specifically as a response top GW Bush withdrawing from the ABM Treaty in 2002.

The Russians did not buy the Presidency. There is no evidence to suggest that Russia had any influence on the elections at all. You have drunk the KoolAid and succumbed to the mass hysteria that was cooked up by John Brennan and the Clinton Campaign to cover up the biggest and most egregious case of election fraud in US history. The Russia “hacking” story was simply a ruse to deflect blame and attention away from the fact that the DNC and the Clinton Campaign rigged the Primary in order to steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders.

Once Clinton lost the general election, however, the #RussiaGate hoax was “repurposed” by Mook and Podesta to again deflect blame and attention from the incredibly poor campaign that Clinton ran, and to avoid doing any sort of analysis as to why people voted for Trump and rejected the Neoliberal corporatism that was embodied by both Clinton and Obama.

You are right in that the US government has become a vassal — but it is a vassal of the 1% and the Military Industrial Complex, not Russia.

Yes, our democracy is for sale, and has been for some time. But not to Russia — rather to corporate America, Wall Street, and the top 0.1% of billionaires who now have control of Washington DC.

Stop blaming America’s problems on some shadowy foreign power. The true enemy is much closer to home, and the sooner you stop chasing shadows at the behest of the Deep State and the DNC, the sooner you can start helping us reverse the corruption that has taken hold of both parties.

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