Would You Kill This Girl to Save Two others?

If you still plan to vote for Biden, I want to know the answer.

Joe Brunoli


The demonic argument of voting for the “lesser evil”

Most of my relatives and friends in the US find themselves in an unfortunate situation: they have no one “good” to vote for.

Yes, there are some people I know who are huge Trump fans and will gladly vote for him come November, and there are some who are — believe it or not — true Biden fans who have drunk the Kool-Aid about how progressive and righteous he is, and plan to vote enthusiastically (if blindly) for Genocide Joe.

That said, most people I know realise that they are facing a Hobson’s choice — AGAIN. And once more they will need to cast a vote for the “least worse option” lest humanity face extinction or some such thing.

Lesser evil voting is killing us

The problem with voting for the lesser evil is that, at the end of the day, you are still voting for EVIL. This then leads to a gradual but inexorable shift towards Evil in general.

The Uni-Party depends on lesser evil voting

Perhaps the most pernicious aspect of lesser evil voting is the fact that the two major American political parties depend on this argument to win elections.

Over the years, that sliver of daylight that separates the two parties has become vanishingly small. But that’s OK — a sliver, it seems, is enough to convince people to vote for you.

Each party knows that they just need to be only slightly better than the other party in order to win. Because, as many devotees of the lesser evil strategy will tell you, being even just “a little bit better” — whether it be on questions like abortion or LGBTQ rights — is enough.

The Democrats are the guilty ones

As pundits like Chris Hedges and Thomas Frank have shown, the Democrats, more so than the GOP, are the ones who have…



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