Why you need to stop criticising Putin’s “Special Military Operation”

Westerners — and especially Americans — have no right to criticise something that they themselves do on a regular basis.

Joe Brunoli


I have many friends in the West who criticise and condemn Putin’s characterisation of the Ukraine conflict as a “Special Military Operation”. They say that this is a poor attempt at propaganda, and that what Russia did in February 2022 was actually a “full-scale invasion”.


Not a “full-scale invasion”

Firstly, let us acknowledge that when Putin launched his SMO, he crossed the border with only 150,000 men. This represented about 20% of the Russian Army at that time.

Hardly a “full-scale” effort.

Moreover, any military expert can tell you that this number of troops would be woefully insufficient to “conquer” a country the size of Ukraine. Indeed, a force of that size would not even be able to maintain comntrol of Kiev!

By way of comparison, it should be noted that when Hitler launched a “full-scale invasion” of Poland (a much smaller country), he did so with 1.5 million men.

A Russian convoy headed for Kiev, shown by Maxar, a private American satellite imaging company. {Source: euractiv.bg]

Prepared for a parade, not a fight



Joe Brunoli

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