Why the Fall of Avdiivka is a Huge Victory for Putin

For Russians, the capture of the fortress town marks the end of a long and tragic story that started ten years ago this month.

Joe Brunoli


Last week the Eastern Ukrainian town of Avdiivka finally fell to the Russian onslaught. The town, which The New York Times described as a “longtime stronghold” of the Kiev regime, had formed the linchpin of the Ukrainian defensive lines along the Donetsk oblast, and its loss was a cause for despair among Ukrainians and solemn celebration among Russians.

Russian soldiers raise their unit flag in Avdiivka. [Source: The Guardian — video screen grab]

For some western media outlets, this huge Russian victory is being downplayed. For example Euronews ran the story with a comically weak subtitle:

“Experts are saying the capture of the city in the Donetsk region in eastern Ukraine is not a significant operation victory for Moscow”.

These “experts” however are not mentioned or even cited in the article — probably because they do not exist.

In fact, the capture of Avdiivka is a giant victory for the Russian people — and a major propaganda win for Putin.

Why Avdiivka matters to Russians

To understand the importance of Avdiivka to the Russians, we need to go back in time exactly ten years to the far right, nationalist coup d’état that took place in Kiev in February 2014, rooted in Maidan Square.

Ukrainian Nazis prepare for battle, Maidan Square, February 22, 2014. [Source: les-crises.fr]

It all started with Maidan

The Maidan coup, which was executed by the CIA in alliance with Ukrainian ultranationalist Nazis, was organised and aided by CIA “cutout” groups like the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and USAID. These groups had been pouring money and influence into Ukraine since the 2004 “Orange Revolution” with the aim to transform Ukraine from a Russian-friendly country to a pro-Western bulwark arrayed against Russia.

The result of the coup was that a hand-picked “interim” government was installed by the US State…



Joe Brunoli

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