“anyone paying attention to the burgeoning youth movement in this country will be heartened and — hopefully — emboldened to work as a protagonist in the political narrative. That’s exactly the catalyst we need if we’re going to restore this country’s politics.”

What an exquisite example of neoliberal pandering and 100% content-free corporatist claptrap. A “protagonist in the political narrative”-? What the hell does that even mean? Your entire article is one giant nothingburger that belches out percentages and factoids as if they in themselves held meaning, and wraps them in an opaque prose that does little to nothing in terms of elucidation.

So let me try to get this straight: you say that this “youth movement” is a “catalyst” that can be used to “restore this country’s politics.”

Seriously, that is a word salad that anyone from David Duke to Mike Pence to Alex Jones could mouth. It is meaningless. It says nothing.

Yes, young people are entering politics, but you know what? They are not becoming Democrats. They are flocking to the DSA, to Justice Democrats, to OurRevolution, to BrandNewCongress. They are shunning the corporatism and neoliberalism that defined and still defines your generation.

PS: What you did to Bernie Sanders was criminal. No other way to describe it.

Joe is a US Ex-Pat with dual US-EU citizenship, who travels Europe extensively, commenting on trends, attitudes, politics and more.

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