“Twitter is doubly-toxic now if you’re an Obama-Clinton Dem.”

There is a reason for this. The Obama/Clinton wing of the Democratic Party is the most recent incarnation of corporatist Neoliberalism that started with Bill Clinton’s DLC. People are now hip to this, and they understand just how badly we have been screwed by the establishment Democrats ever since the Clintons decided to turn the Party into Republican Lite, essentially a GOP that supported civil rights and was Ok with abortion.

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In order to understand the animosity, you have to realise just how badly Obama failed us, and why Hillary’s promise of “more of the same” was so abhorrent to people.

Regarding the “harassment” you describe, I just don’t see it. I believe that it is projection, because it is the Clinton side, the Establishment side, that is doing the harassment, and I consider such charges to be simple projection.

My main argument for this has to do with the inherent problem one has when one “punches Left.”

You see, if you are a centrist or an Establishment Democrat, it is very hard to criticise someone who is to your Left, i.e., more progressive than you. If you attack them on policy, then you risk exposing the fact that you are a centrist, and you risk upsetting all the Leftist progressives who support those policies.

So what do you do? You skip the whole policy discussion; you go straight for ad hominem attacks: you accuse the candidate and his supporters of racism, sexism, misogyny, etc. — so that you are not put in the uncomfortable position of having to defend a $12 minimum wage as sufficient, or claiming that the imploding ACA as the best we can ever do on healthcare, or why fracking is actually good for the environment in the long run.

Hillary’s PAC, Correct the Record, actually bragged about spending millions on paid trolls to attack HRC’s opponents. That is how all this started.

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