Trump’s Regulatory Rollback is the Direct Result of the Democrats’ Failed Strategy

Dems’ over-reliance on an imperial Presidency has led to a myopic and disastrous policy of “live by the pen, die by the pen”

In 2007 Bush signed the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 which set a goal for the national fuel economy standard of 35 miles per gallon (mpg) by 2020.

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This is not news: Democrats were wiped out at every level of State Govt. across the nation.

The Democrats’ “Coalition of the Ascendant”

The deliberate starvation of the State parties was part of a general strategy based on a cynical and essentially unconstitutional calculus: the Democrats were sure they had a permanent “ascendant majority” in terms of demographics on a national level, in which the US would become a “majority minority” nation comprised of the balkanised voting blocs that the Democrats had been cultivating and reinforcing since Bill Clinton and the DLC of the 1990’s.

Democrats are now the permanent Party of the Deep State

A big part of this “lock” on the Executive Branch meant that the Democrats would have control over all the there levers of power own the DC Establishment. The consultants, the lobbyists, the major monied interests would all have to come to court the favour of the “party in power”.

Joe is a US Ex-Pat with dual US-EU citizenship, who travels Europe extensively, commenting on trends, attitudes, politics and more.

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