Tr🍩ll Smear #18: “Bernie also voted for the 1994 Crime Bill that he criticizes the Clintons for ”

This is also a very cynical and misleading smear that needs to be explained and debunked just as much as any other.

Bernie speaking against a Crime Bill in 1991

The 1994 Crime Bill was an unmitigated disaster for POC and the poor. It led directly to the mass incarceration problem that we have today, and it started the whole for-profit prison boom. It enshrined the dreaded “three strikes” sentencing guidelines into US law and treated POC unfairly in terms of punishment.

Hillary Clinton was a huge proponent of this despicable legislation. And once it was passed, she continued to sing ts praises and its effectiveness at “bringing super predators to heel”.

Bernie Sanders, however, saw the Crime Bill differently.

Bernie opposed much of what was in the 1994 Crime Bill. He only voted for the bill because it contained within it the much needed Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). Any Senator or Congressman who voted against the so-called “Omnibus” Clinton Crime Bill would have been subject to attack as being anti-woman or at least insensitive to women‘s issues.

Likewise, the giant 1994 Crime Bill also contained an Assault Weapons Ban (AWB), something that Bernie strongly supported.

Indeed, it is widely believed that the Clinton Administration deliberately included the VAWA and the AWB in the omnibus bill in order to force progressives to vote for the legislation.

Still, Bernie took to the floor to decry the Crime Bill’s harsh provisions regarding punishment and imprisonment:

“We already imprison more people per capita than any other country, and all of the executions in the world, will not make that situation right. We can either educate or electrocute. We can create meaningful jobs, rebuilding our society, or we can build more jails. Mr. Speaker, let us create a society of hope and compassion, not one of hate and vengeance.”

- Bernie Sanders, speaking on the same 1994 Crime Bill.

If you encounter this smear, you may wish to respond by cutting and pasting the graphic below, which provides a good comparison of how Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton each viewed that bill at the time.

Joe is a US Ex-Pat with dual US-EU citizenship, who travels Europe extensively, commenting on trends, attitudes, politics and more.

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