The Now-Debunked Russia Story Has Made the US a Global Laughing Stock, Alienated our Allies and Brought Us Closer to WWIII.

The World is Laughing at Us

First, to begin to respond directly to the title of this “piece” I will quote Noam Chomsky. I will leave it up to the reader to decide whether Chomsky is part of the GOP or whatever the hell the “Bernie Left” is supposed to be.

Noam Chomsky (from an interview on Democracy Now):

In addition to the points made above, we should realise that the Russia Hysteria has led to truly dangerous and unhinged behaviour by Democrats.

We Have Alienated our Greatest Allies

The recent round of sanctions that passed with every Democratic vote (100%) in both the House and the Senate, is an unmitigated disaster.

As explained in this article in the Intercept:

In other words, in their headlong rush to condemn Russia, the Democrats have shot themselves — and Obama’s legacy — squarely in the foot. Not only that, they have moved the country even closer to WWIII with Russia.

We Are Moving Closer to War

The drumbeat for war with Russia is growing ever louder, and it is not being helped by a group of irresponsible Democrats who are running around claiming that “we were attacked.”

These dangerous idiots are mired in the Cold War, and are even using Cold War references,, such as this Tweet from the mentally challenged Democratic Apparatchik and debate cheater, Donna Brazile.

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The Communists? What the hell is she thinking? Yet, when called out on her obvious error, she doubled down! This egregious display of partisan idiocy was covered thoroughly in an excellent Medium piece by Caitlin Johnstone, so I won’t bother to spend any more time on it here.

But then there is Paul Begala, who actually went on CNN to say Trump should “blow up the KGB building” in Moscow. What madness is this? There has not been a KGB in 40 years!

The Russian Hacking Story Has Now Been Exposed as a Hoax

Finally, after one year of a baseless propaganda campaign waged without any direct evidence, the whole “story” about Russia hacking the DNC emails has been exposed as a hoax by a group of ex-NSA and CIA analysts called VIPS — Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity.

It is important to note that this group was formed in 2003 as a response to the faulty intelligence that was “fixed” to provide a bogus reason for the US to invade Iraq. They vowed to never again let intelligence information be manipulated and misused for purely political means.

According to them, this “Russia Story” spread by the Democrats is just such a case of misuse. They claim that the publication of the DNC emails was based on a leak and not a hack. They have deduced this through signals intelligence that established that the data transfer rate of the alleged “hack” was simply to high to have been done via the Internet.The data was downloaded locally, directly from the DNC servers to a flash drive or other device connected to the DNC network.

In other words, VIPS are confirming what WikiLeaks themselves have maintained all along — that they obtained the emails from a disgruntled DNC insider. This was confirmed not just by Julien Assange but also by his associate, Craig Murray, a former UK Ambassador and himself a storied whistleblower who exposed the CIA torture and rendition programs, for which he won the prestigious Sam Adams Award for Integrity in Intelligence. Murray claims that he has actually met the leaker.

Who is VIPS?

Equally important is to know who exactly is making the claim that the Russia story is a hoax. The VIPS analysts who worked on this story are:

  • William Binney, formerly the NSA’s technical director for world geopolitical and military analysis and designer of many agency programs now in use;
  • Kirk Wiebe, formerly a senior analyst at the NSA’s SIGINT Automation Research Center;
  • Edward Loomis, formerly technical director in the NSA’s Office of Signal Processing; and
  • Ray McGovern, an intelligence analyst for nearly three decades and formerly chief of the CIA’s Soviet Foreign Policy Branch.

Certainly one could not ask for a more highly qualified group of experts.

The VIPS story of the debunking of the Russia Story has now appeared in many news outlets, including The Nation, and even Bloomberg.

The Real Reasons Behind the Russia Story

I will close with Chris Hedges, brave Pulitzer Prizewinner and truth-teller:

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Joe is a US Ex-Pat with dual US-EU citizenship, who travels Europe extensively, commenting on trends, attitudes, politics and more.

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