This is pablum. You use the word “Blue” as if it meant something. All it means is that the state came under the control of a Democratic Establishment that was just as corporate-friendly, just as entrenched, and just as corrupted by big donor money as the GOP. Except they were down with gays and abortion. The Democratic Party that Bill Clinton led to victory in all those benighted Southern States was a conservative party, a neoliberal party. A fake and phony party that simply co-opted Republican talking points in order to win elections (google”triangulation”).

As Barack Obama said about Hillary Clinton: “she will say anything and do nothing.” And that pretty much describes the DLC-led Democratic Party under Bill Clinton: the only thing that mattered was winning elections. Principles? Ha. Platform? Ha. Policies? Ha. There was a reason that Bill Clinton was called the “Pander Bear” — it’s because he literally changed his words and the content of his speech — and in many cases his own accent — depending on whom he was addressing. He was all things to all people.

Hence his other nickname: “Slick Willy”

You could not pin him down. He pioneered the now common Establishment Democrat propensity to try to pass off platitudes as policy. Just listen to Tom Perez answer a question and you’ll see what I mean.

California is supposed to be a “blue” state but they killed single payer. They stole the election of the State Party leader from a progressive using Superdelegates, and placed a LOBBYIST for the pharmaceutical industry in as head of the State Democratic Party. Is that who the Democrats are supposed to represent? Big Pharma?

Look at New York — Eastern Bastion of the Democratic Party — and they have one of the most corrupt and undemocratic systems in the country. They literally have a group of corporate Democrats called the “Independent Democratic Conference” that vote with the Republicans in order to give the GOP de facto control over the NY Assembly.

And they do this, in true Clinton style, in return for money, power and privilege.

But I am sure it doesn’t matter to you as long as Democrats win elections, right?

In the case of California, you still have fabulously wealthy conservatives like Dianne Feinstein, who run as Democrats because that is the corrupt political machine that is in power. It has nothing to do with whether a state or a candidate is progressive or not.

And we are learning more and more about just how corrupt and corporate NY Governor Andrew Cuomo is.

Democrats won in 2008. For several months they had a filibuster-proof majority in the House and Senate. What did they give us? A GOP healthcare bill constructed by the Heritage Group and piloted by Romney in Massachussetts. Isn’t that great.

The point is that McCain or Romney would have given us the same thing, because they also serve the big insurance companies and pharma companies whose stocks soared after ObamaCare was passed.

Sorry, this whole “vote blue no matter who” mantra is no longer working. Now it’s “any old blue just won’t do” and people like your beloved Bill Clinton are being revealed for the corrupt charlatans that they are.

Joe is a US Ex-Pat with dual US-EU citizenship, who travels Europe extensively, commenting on trends, attitudes, politics and more.

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