This article is complete and utter BS. To say that electing HRC “would have been a vote of confidence for the leadership achievements of the current commander in chief” is quite correct — Hillary constantly wrapped herself in Obama. That is how she “banked” her huge vote lead in states like MS,AL,GA,SC, etc. The face that she could still fail to win must, therefore, be recognised for the inverse of your statement above: the 2016 election was to a large extent a repudiation of the corporatism and #WeakSauce of the Obama Administration and a rejection of his failed policy initiatives — to the extent that he had any. We are not “purists” — we simply wanted to have a Democrat in the White House. Instead we got this:

  • He could have closed Guantanamo at any time, yet failed to do so.
  • He campaigned on delivering a Public Option for healthcare, yet failed to even put that measure forward as a possibility — even though Democrats controlled both Houses of Congress.
  • He made the Bush Tax Cuts permanent — something not even a Republican could have gotten away with as scot free as he did.
  • He deported 2.5 MILLION people, much more than Bush and indeed more than all Presidents combined since 1890.
  • He refused to outlaw torture.
  • He refused to prosecute the war criminals of the Bush Administration.
  • He refused to hold the Wall Street bankers accountable in any way for their having crashed the economy and thereby robbing college-educated blacks and other PoC of 70% of their wealth.
  • Unbelievably, he was pushing the TPP with all his might. That alone was enough to sink the Democrats in the Rust Belt States.
  • In the closing days of the campaign, he refused to lift a finger to help the people who were protesting at Standing Rock. That alone could have helped Hillary — had she also shown even the slightest bit of interest or solidarity with the Water Protectors.

The real answer as to why Clintoin lost lies in your own words. Hillary ran on a single message, namely that she was “the one person on the ballot who stood between everything we hold dear about our country and the unthinkable specter of Trump’s depraved vision for our future.” She gave us nothing to vote FOR. Sh only demanded that we “do our duty” and vote for her in order to stop Trump. That sort of argument just doesn’t work. Now you have joined the chorus of moronic corporatist Liberal Elites who are seeking to police blame everywhere except where it belongs: Hillary Rodham Clinton and the corrupt Democratic Elite Establishment that propped her up and demanded that we all pay fealty. We don’t have royalty in this country. We don’t like dynasties, especially once we see that they are only in it for themselves. You need to accept these facts and MOVE ON.

Joe is a US Ex-Pat with dual US-EU citizenship, who travels Europe extensively, commenting on trends, attitudes, politics and more.

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