The Manning pardon is so typically Obama. It is hooie. Obama used the Espionage Act more than all his predecessors combined — and almost always it was to lock up journalists and whistleblowers. The man had a “Kill List” that he reviewed every Tuesday morning, deciding who to kill that week via extrajudicial, illegal drone assassination. Obama inherited 2 wars from Bush, and has expanded it to 7 countries. He dropped 26,000 bombs in 2016. To what end? Obama made the Bush tax cuts permanent. He lived up to his promise to “protect” the Wall Street bankers. He destroyed Libya, unleashing a wave of refugees. He destroyed Syria, unleasing an even bigger wave of refugees. There are 20 million people displaced because of Obama. And as a parting shot he rushed to build up NATO forces on Russia’s border, to ensure that Trump will be faced with an irrevocable confrontation that risks a nuclear WWIII.

2008 Obama promised to put on his “pair of comfortable shoes” to walk with Labor. In 8 years, those shoes never came out of the closet. When unions in Wisconsin and Indiana and Ohio were fighting for their lives, where was Obama? Nowhere. He does not give a fuck about working people. He has joined that great Club that George Carlin talked about. “No Drama Obama” did not signify a calm demeanor. It belied his complete indifference to everything. During his 8 years, he was the only Democrat who did well — Democrats in every state, in every race, did poorly. The Dems lost 900 State seats under Obama. He must bear the blame for that. Because in the end, he stood for nothing.

Obama could have closed Guantanamo at any time. He chose not to do so. 2008 Obama ran on a Public Option for health care. He never even proposed it. Even with a filibuster-proof majority on the Senate. In 8 years, Obama never ONCE used the much-touted “bully pulpit” to promote any sort of progressive cause. He was too busy being cool. He was a disaster for this country. In 2008 the people wanted change. They elected him because he promised to bring change. And in that he failed miserably. And so the people chose Trump, because the change they wanted in 2008 never came. Obama caused Trump.

Joe is a US Ex-Pat with dual US-EU citizenship, who travels Europe extensively, commenting on trends, attitudes, politics and more.

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