The hackers were not in awe of Bernie voters. They simply observed that Sanders voters were more critical thinkers and less likely to fall for bullshit. Which is true.

The Sanders agenda is embraced by 80%+ of Democrats now, so characterising people who support those positions as fanatics simply does not make sense. Because Berners are about the policies, not the person. To separate our support for the policies from our support for the man who is supporting those policies is simply not possible. You are thinking of Hillary supporters. None of us support Bernie because we are hell-bent on seeing the first septuagenarian Jew in the White House. This is a pure case of projection, because we all know that Hillary’s fan base is comprised to a large part of cultish zombies who walk around with T-shirts that say, “I’m with Her”. It is creepy. Hillbots are so consumed with the identity of Hillary Clinton and the concept of “first female President” that they constantly engage in mental gymnastics to find ways of supporting Clintonite neoliberal conservative positions, such as those on fracking (“bridge to clean energy”), Single Payer (“we don’t have time to wait around”), and of course war (“Libya was smart power at its best”).

Regarding the intricacies of Single Payer, surely you realise that one of the largest Single Payer healthcare systems on earth is actually IN THE USA. It’s called Medicare. We just need to expand it to cover everyone. That is simple enough surely even for you to grasp.

And please spare us that tired old smear about how Bernie supposedly does not articulate his positions thoroughly. That is just propaganda from the fever swamps of the Elite, promulgated by the likes of Krugman and others. Bernie’s proposals are meticulopusly detailed and well thought out. Once again you are adopting the Right Wing Republican attack lines that have been used against Democrats for the last 100 years: “pie in the sky, not practical, not workable, impossible, cannot be done, childish and immature, not serious, fairy-dust” — and so on.

But then, that is your style, isn’t it? I’ll repeat: go join the GOP. I really think you would be much more comfortable with someone like GHW Bush or Reagan or even Nixon than you would with an actual progressive who wants to do things for working people.

Come on, go campaign for John Kasich. You know you wanna.

Joe is a US Ex-Pat with dual US-EU citizenship, who travels Europe extensively, commenting on trends, attitudes, politics and more.

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