Surprise surprise. More anti-Russia propaganda from the Atlantic Council. This article is preposterous. The Neo-Nazis running the current Ukraine government are in powerful positions. The US overthrew a democratically elected government in order to set up a puppet government chock full of radical right wing idealogues and fascists— you cannot get around it, anymore than you can go back and erase those tapes from Victoria Nuland.

The Atlantic Council exists to give warmongering neocons a pseudo-scientific basis for their bloodthirsty beliefs. You are part of the military industrial complex trying to gin up a new Red Scare in order to justify a massive, and I mean truly massive, arms buildup by the US.

Something on a scale that is unprecedented in peacetime.

And make no doubt about it — we are in peacetime. There is no war on. Barack Obama told us so years ago.

That is why your graph actually supports my assertions above as well as the Russian outrage — if we add just one little bit of context. See below.

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The US arms industry and the Neocons had ti find a new enemy after 2013. Hello, Russia!

Now we have General Mattis getting up to give a major speech at Johns Hopkins, in which he outlines a major shift in the US National Defense Strategy, saying:

And we all know who he means by “great power,” don’t we?

Joe is a US Ex-Pat with dual US-EU citizenship, who travels Europe extensively, commenting on trends, attitudes, politics and more.

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