“The fallout is distrust. Sweeping distrust. Make no mistake, antipathy towards elites transcends even the greatest rift in American society: party lines.”

Sorry, Amy. That is not true. Yes, Americans are disenchanted and suspiciuous of their institutions, but the RNC has never seen a scandal so abhorrent, so disgusting as the one that you helped create when you were CEO of the DNC.

Poll after poll shows that it is the Democrats that voters distrust the most. The DNC is the one entity that actually rigged an election — that is now provable fact. And voters will not forget. The devil’s bargain you made to help Hillary Clinton lock in the 2016 nomination is as unsurprising as it is despicable. It shows a group of elites plotting to manipulate the democratic process in order to nominate an annointed elitist queen. And the fact that so much of that bargain was all about money — well, that just seems par for the course.

The fact that Obama bankrupted the DNC by funneling millions and millions to his pet consultants; the fact that the Clintons were able to essentially buy both the DNC and the nomination; the fact that the price of that acquisition included starving the state parties and local chapters of badly needed resources in order to financially feather the nest of the cherished Queen — well, that all serves to only confirm the widely held belief that the Democrats are the party of the 1%.

PS: What you did to Bernie Sanders was criminal.

Joe is a US Ex-Pat with dual US-EU citizenship, who travels Europe extensively, commenting on trends, attitudes, politics and more.

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