Please. Stop with this ridiculous meme about how Leftists want to make the perfect the enemy of the good, or whatever.

So tell me, where would you compromise on Civil Rights? Would you favor rolling back the EEOC? Would you allow white people to claim reverse discrimination? What would be the “moderate” and “incremental” approach to white cops shooting unarmed black men? What level of that would you be willing to accept?

How about criminal justice reform? Would a “moderate” position be that we will not tolerate blacks being jailed 4x more than whites for marijuana, but if we can reduce that to only 2x, that would be OK?

How about abortion? Would a moderate position be to make it legal only in the first trimester? And only if the father agrees? Tell me, please, what is the “moderate” versus “leftist” position dynamic on Choice?

“Hillary was a Civil Rights lawyer”? LOL. She was a corporate lawyer who served on the Board of Walmart. FOR 8 YEARS. “She helped overturn a ballot measure that [would have] increased electric rates for businesses and lowered them for the poor.”

Now please tell me, what was it about McGovern that made him a “Purity Left” candidate? He was a WWII vet from South Dakota. He wanted to withdraw immediately from Vietnam. That was the right position. You are saying that we should abandon what is right in order to win elections. That is BULLSHIT.

The first major post war landslide victory was in 1964, when Johnson beat Goldwater by the same margin as Nixon beat McGovern (23%). What did the GOP do? Did they turn tail, clutch their pearls and say “oh, no, we must move Left and be more moderate and mainstream” -? HELL NO.

Reagan was a “Purity Right” candidate who continued to run on the Goldwater platform (the same one Hillary Clinton canvassed for as a teenager) and they kept going hard Right. And eventually, they WON. And it was not some little incremental victory, it was a major transformation of the entire American political and cultural landscape. It was a complete Revolution that changed the way Americans looked at themselves and their Government, and it gave the Right cultural and political prominence for decades to come.

Clinton emulated Reagan. Obama emulated Reagan.

Clinton was all about saying anything to get elected. And that only works for so long. Eventually, all those disaffected union members and working class voters that the Democrats counted on as having “nowhere else to go” did indeed find somewhere else to go — right into the arms of a proto-fascist faux-populist named Trump.

The Clinton-Obama neoliberal agenda led us directly to Trump. It was not “purity” that gave us Trump; it was not having any soul, not standing by our principles and not doing anything to actually help people.

Joe is a US Ex-Pat with dual US-EU citizenship, who travels Europe extensively, commenting on trends, attitudes, politics and more.

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