“Only Bernie supporters believe caucuses are democratic. (They’re not.)”


Sanders Delegates Push DNC To Create Commission to Reform Anti-Democratic Superdelegates and Caucus Process

That’s right — Bernie’s campaign benefitted disproportionately from the Caucus process, but it was Bernie’s delegates who pushed to reform the caucus process and make it more democratic. That’s how we roll, see?

As far as the tax return nonsense is concerned, I won’t even address that because it is nonsense. Bernie is one of the poorest people in the Senate. The Clintons amassed a fortune of over $153 Million while in “public service.” That deserves scrutiny. The guy who is trying to get by on a Senator’s salary is not the guy you need to worry about.

And I have to wonder what you mean when you say that “most people” consider Bernie supporters to be “retarded.” You realise that Bernie is the most popular politician in the US, right? Has been so for over a year now? You realise that 92% of Democrats support Bernie?

This is all part of the Hillary delusion. You are part of the #Hateful8percent of Democrats who somehow think they constitute a “majority” and attack Bernie and his supporters for being “divisive” when the great divide you are lamenting is one that has 9 out of 10 people on one side, and a very small group of miscreants and malcontents on the other.

I suggest that you, like your Hive Queen, go for a long walk in the woods and get your mind right.

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