One more thing — just to discuss thematics for a moment. Remy Anne is making that philosophical argument that lies at the bedrock of Neoliberalism — namely, that being too progressive is just as bad as being too conservative. That demanding Medicare for All, Single Payer health care is, in some bizarre way, the moral and philosophical equivalent of demanding that there be NO healthcare system at all.

There are all sorts of give-aways, for example:

Like the Tea Party, the alt-left developed out of a need for real change. However, what began as a movement designed to empower “regular Americans” has been co-opted by radical figures who call themselves progressive, yet refuse to 1.) organize in any viable way and 2.) support the actual base of the party they are attempting to revolutionize.

Another firehose of bullsh*t.

The Tea Party was an astro-turf movement funded by the Koch Brothers through their Freedom Works front organisation. They bussed people in for rallies and generally kept the movement afloat enough to force their nihilistic libertarian nightmare views on the GOP through the threat of also funding primary challenges against anyone who opposed them. They had no political figurehead except for Sarah Palin and her “Tea Party Express” (also Koch-funded).

What Remy calls the “Alt Left” is an actual grass-roots movement that is self funded ($27 at a time) and has as its avuncular avatar Senator Bernie Sanders, who is the most popular politician in the country, according to multiple polls. He actually fills stadiums without having to bus people in. And his popularity cuts across racial and gender lines.

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Hmmm — looks like the average “Bernie Bro” is most likely to be a woman of color.

But it’s not Bernie himself that is so popular, it is the policies and priorities that he is pushing. These views all enjoy majoritarian support among ALL Americans, but especially among Democrats.

Indeed, Bernie is supported by 80% (Harvard-Harris) to 85% (NBC/WSJ) of Democrats — including 88% of Clinton voters.

Don’t you DARE compare us to the Tea Party, who pushed policies and priorities that only 10-20% of Americans agree with. Our “demands” are NOT outlandish, they are NOT extreme, and they are NOT unreasonable. Indeed, what we are demanding is a program that strong majorities of Americans support:

And finally, PLEASE stop with your knee-jerk accusations of racism and sexism regarding Kamala Harris. This line of attack is rooted in the muck and mire of Identity Politics, which is what has driven the Democratic Party into the ditch in the first place. I am starting a new hashtag on Twitter — #racexism — just to save time in warring with the various Harris apologists making the same tired, old ad hominem attacks on anyone who dares challenge the new Anointed One.

“When so-called Democrats shut down progressive women and people of color, with the claim that they don’t understand the need for change in this country … they prove that they are nothing more than the left’s version of the alt-right.”

Such accusations of #racexism are particularly ironic coming from a Democratic Party that refused to let Nina Turner speak at the DNC, prevented her from taking the stage to introduce Bernie Sanders as planned, and even tried to have her removed from the building. These are the same DNC Apparratchiks that later literally blocked and barricaded her from entering the DNC to deliver petitions from the people.

And what about Tulsi Gabbard, another woman of color who was disinvited from the first Debate, shut out and shut down by a corrupt DNC hell bent on coronating Clinton — all because she had the temerity to call for more debates?

So please. Stop it already with the “woman of color” arguments. They are hollow and, given the treatment of Nina and Tulsi, laughable in their open and overt hypocrisy.

If Remy Anne and the Democratic Party were REALLY interested in uniting; if they were TRULY interested in winning elections, then they would unify behind Bernie Sanders and the 4/5 of Democrats who support him. The fact that they are not doing this is sad but irrefutable proof that they care more for their donors’ money more than they care about people — or the country.

And Kamala Harris, with her “selective” progressivism and her sycophantic, remora-like relationship with everyone from Willie Brown to George Soros, is a sad embodiment of that obsolete, corrupt and corrosive establishment.

Joe is a US Ex-Pat with dual US-EU citizenship, who travels Europe extensively, commenting on trends, attitudes, politics and more.

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