OK so if the Dems control the State legislature and hence the scheduling of the Primary, then the DNC can punish an entire state because of what the Democrats in the legislature do?

I admit I was mistaken in this. The Southern States decided their own dates for the Primaries, and while I am not so sure that an ex-Governor of Arkansas and an ex-President had no influence over that, I am willing to accept that this was the case. Although I would also not be so quick to assert that the GOP would not do something overt to help ensure that Hillary was the nominee. We know that they were hoping that she would be the candidate.

Still, your mention of the 2020calendar is interesting.California is moving up to an early position, which will essentially ensure that the candidate with the most name recognition, the most money and the biggest organisation at the outset of the Primary will win that State and most likely the nomination. Yet the DNC is remaining silent on this … is it becau ethey want to make sure Kamala Harris is the nominee?

These are all points for discussion but I am not being evasive — I admit that I was wrong and the DNC did not set the Primary calendar. I just think that they were instrumental in leveraging the schedule to create Clinton’s vaunted — and much talked-about — “Southern Firewall.”

Joe is a US Ex-Pat with dual US-EU citizenship, who travels Europe extensively, commenting on trends, attitudes, politics and more.

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