“Of course he is popular, he espouses giving things away” — my God, this is getting old. You were obviously never, ever a Bernie supporter in any way, shape or form. You are either an establishment Democrat or an old-school Republican, and it makes no difference because there is precious little daylight between the two.

Bernie does not propose “giving things away” anymore than the $40 billion in subsidies for the fossil fuel industry is “giving things away”. No more than offering free K-12 education is “giving things away.” No more than providing peope with Medicare once they turn 65 is “giving things away.”

I will presume that among those things you are includine tuition free public college for in-state residents. If you are indeed as old as you claim to be, then you will know that free tuition at State colleges and universities was The Law Of The Land up until the 70’s, when Reagan led a cabal of conservative governors to change the 150 year old tradition and start making students pay. There is nothing wrong with what Bernie is proposing. If the country could afford to provide college eductions in 1820, 1890, 1920, and all through the Great Depression, then certainly we can afford to do so now.

I would tend to think that you are not a Democrat because you should be old enough to know that Single Payer universal healthcare was a goal of Democrats since FDR. Truman, Kennedy and LBJ all pushed for this. As Kennedy pointed out in his speech in NY in 1962, Europe is way ahead of us on this, and it is time we caught up.

But you say you are a Zeitgenosse of the Clintons, which means you were probably brainwashed into believing in neoliberalism too. Time to give that up. It is now fully and completely debuked and is under attack from all sides, as it should be. If you are wonderong what Neoliberalism is, I wrote a handy explanation here:

This is Neoliberalism, Part I: The 10 Tenets of Neoliberalism

And as far as Bernie “not doing anything,” then I won’t bother repeating myself, I provided plenty of evidence to the contrary here:

Tr🍩ll Smear #4: “Bernie was not an effective legislator and he never accomplished anything in…

Now please stop smelling up my Responses with your reactionary bullpuckie.

Joe is a US Ex-Pat with dual US-EU citizenship, who travels Europe extensively, commenting on trends, attitudes, politics and more.

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