”Not into blaming”-???? You are blaming the Bernie campaign for electing Trump. More Bernie supporters voted for Hillary than Hillary supporters voted for Obama (88% v. 75%). Hillary is a divisive figure and her followers are scornful partisans who did their best to attack “Bernie Bros” and drive them away. Still, the numbers show us that fare fewer Bernie supporters “defected” than did Clinton supporters in 2008. If anything, Bernie did more to draw people into the party and he did a GREAT job of getting his supporters to vote for Hillary. So sorry, your assertion is just plain wrong and is unsupported by the facts.

The loss was ALL due to Hillary and to the Democrats, who insisted on nominating the most unpopular politician in US history, and did so in a blatantly corrupt and illegitimate fashion. It is their fault that they got caught out blatantly cheating and rigging the Primary. It is their fault that Hillary was bopping from fundraiser to fundraiser, spending her time with the moneyed elite, while Trump was visiting factories and union halls. It is their fault that HRC did not campaign in Wisconsin. It is their fault that the Democrats had no message except to say that Trump was going to be a disaster. It is their fault that their perfidy, mendacity and complete corruption were exposed. Your argument is like saying that the dead black unarmed motorist is at fault because he provided the chance for the racist cop to show himself to be a racist when he killed him. By your logic, the victim is at fault because if he hadn’t been there, no one would have been the wiser, and we could all go on believing that the cop was not a murdering racist.

That is pathetic.

Joe is a US Ex-Pat with dual US-EU citizenship, who travels Europe extensively, commenting on trends, attitudes, politics and more.

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