Marcus Johnson is entirely wrong about the Russian Investigation

What Marcus has outlined above is a recipe for strengthening Trump and ensuring another Democratic loss in 2020.

Trump needs to be opposed on POLICY, not by pursuing a Democratic version of Benghazi with shouted accusations of treason.

Polls consistently show that very few Americans consider the #RussiaGate scandal to be important. A recent Gallup poll showed that actually less than 1% of Americans consider Russia to be the top issue facing America today. That same poll showed that the issue that topped the list of most important problems was “Immigration/Illegal aliens” (22%).

Now think, Marcus: who do you think is considered to be strongest when it comes to that issue?

Pursuing the Russian investigation is playing right into Trump’s strengths. He loves to portray himself as the victim, pursued by the Media and the Establishment. And let’s face it — for the vast majority of Americans the Democrats ARE the Establishment, and they ARE the Media. When we attack Trump on Russia it is easy for him to spin it into a “witch hunt” and a “distraction” that is preventing him from concentrating on “real” issues — LIKE IMMIGRATION AND ILLEGAL ALIENS.

Trump cannot be opposed on unproven allegations of collusion and charges of illegitimacy — this only makes his base more determined to support him. And make no mistake — Trump’s base is GROWING.

This is not rocket science, Marcus. But let us look to some science and facts for help.

A recent Rasmussen Poll shows that 48% of Americans approve of the job Trump is doing.

More importantly, this now puts Trump into the same approval level as Obama and other predecessors — all of whom subsequently won reelection.

Even more impressive: that same poll shows Trump’s favorable rating among black Americans is now at 36% — almost double what it was last year.

SO — two years of Democrats’ concentrating on the Russian Investigation have resulted in Trump’s approval rating actually increasing. That’s not very good or very smart.

The #RussiaGate hoax has actually turned the Democrats into a radicalized group of hyper-partisans who believe things that are demonstrably false.

By this I mean that Democrats who get their news from MSNBC and CNN now believe things that are not true. They have become like FOX viewers — convinced of crazed conspiracy theories and blatant falsehoods spread by a disingenuous media who do all too much to mislead and all too little to correct the record.

Marcus, you quote an Axios poll from last year that showed 83% of Democrats considered Russian meddling a “serious issue.”

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Look how much of an outlier Democrats are — and then remember: Democrats are the smallest electoral group in the country. The Republicans and Independents together represent almost three times as many voters, according to Gallup.

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In short, Marcus, what is important to Democrats is not important to everyone.

Now look at the chart below and weep, for it shows the Democrats to have joined the ranks of the delusional:

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  1. It shows that the #Russigate nonsense and Maddow-madness have made the Democrats dumber, not smarter, as more now believe something that no expert or govt official has ever even suggested is true.
  2. It means that Democrats who want to stay Democrats have to pay lip service to this nonsense — just as all loyal Republicans had to be on board with the “Benghazi is treason” case.

I covered this second point in a story on Medium:

We need to attack Trump on the issues. This was explained very early on by an Italian journalist who had watched horrified as Italy’s own national embarrassment, Silvio Berlusconi, continued to prevail at the polls. He then made special note of just HOW Berlusconi was taken down, and what worked and what didn’t.

Marcus, I am not sure whom you hate more, Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump. But I implore you not to allow your personal animus towards either of them to rob you of your critical thinking skills. Look at the polling, look at the facts and look at the trends. People look to you for insight; don’t let them down. And don’t dismiss a line of reasoning just because it was voiced by Nina Turner and Bernie Sanders. That’s just childish.

Joe is a US Ex-Pat with dual US-EU citizenship, who travels Europe extensively, commenting on trends, attitudes, politics and more.

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