LOL. Firstly, I do not understand your objection to the term “Brockroach”. Should I say “Paid employees who are hired to troll and post scripted themes and narratives on social media for the express political purposes of the David Brock led CTR and/or Shareblue PACs in order to achieve donor-driven political outcomes”-?

Sorry, but I will stick with “Brockroaches.”

And if you care to defend David Brock, have at it, hoss. Tell me why David Brock is NOT deserving of the most righteous opprobrium that a progressive could muster. Please. Please do. It will make my day.

Secondly, the bill you reference was a GOP bill. Your reaction would seem to indicate that you are in the “Bernie’s not a Democrat” crowd. So the fact that you attack Bernie by condemning him for voting with 42 other Democrats against this bill is, shall we say, confusing at best. What exactly are you saying?

As you can see from the chart below — which is available on the linked page you posted — the bill passed with 57 Yeas and 43 Nays. The Nay vote was comprised of 42 Democrats and one Independent — BERNIE SANDERS.

So if you want to criticise or condemn this vote, you will need to also condemn virtually the entire Democratic Senate Caucus. I am willing to entertain an argument that Bernie is a “sellout” for being such a Democratic partisan and faithfully following the Senate Democratic Leadership on this vote.

But to use this vote to try to somehow attack Bernie from the Left would be just plain idiotic. Don’t you agree?

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