Let’s cut TYT some slack

I am willing to cut TYT and Cenk some slack because of the added audience and exposure that TYT can gain by doing these things. Ideally, in a future media universe, TYT would actually become what passes for mainstream media. Let me explain.

First, I should say that I disagree with a LOT of TYT’s positions, their editorial decisions, their clinging to propaganda like Russiagate and their preference to cover over and over again the misstatements and idiotic antics of Donald Trump while failing to cover the real policy disasters that are being churned out daily in DC and across the world.

That said, I admire the fact that Cenk allows the great Jimmy Dore to have a platform on his network … it means that as the overall TYT viewership grows, so does Jimmy’s own audience.

I am an enthusiastic supporter of Bernie Sanders, but I certainly do not agree with him on many issues, from Israel to the military. But he has such broad appeal, such universal (almost) popularity, that I can foresee a day when Bernie Sanders is what passes for a “centrist” in Washington.

I feel the same way about TYT. There is a mass migration overall from TV to Internet, and TYT are the 800 lb. gorilla in online news. If they can become the one to beat in news in general, if they can be seen as “centrist” or even “establishment” then that means the Overton Window will have shifted to the Left substantially. Oh happy day!

TYT has a pretty broad spectrum of political views, and that is not all bad, as it gives the network in general a more expanded base appeal — and as suggested above, it means that some people who might have started out as “liberal” Dems might get converted to progressivism over time.

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Somewhat dated — note inclusion of Jordan Chariton

In the meantime, I continue to pay my TYT dues, continue to criticise Cenk almost daily, and look forward to Friday morning when I can download and watch the Aggressive Progressives.

Joe is a US Ex-Pat with dual US-EU citizenship, who travels Europe extensively, commenting on trends, attitudes, politics and more.

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