My reaction to Kamala Harris as VP

I hate Kamala and fear her both with equal fire. First, I hate her for her craven mendacity and her phoniness. She is Barack Obama with a perm. She signed onto Medicare For All when it looked like it was the most expedient thing to do, she even co-sponsored the bill, but then she backed away from it once the Clinton donors in the Hamptons told her to. And that ploy with the “little girl” gimmick, the T-shirts, etc. was purely theatrical.

Kamala could never could explain why she was running. She constantly changed her positions, and she seemed to have a new campaign slogan daily. She is just a black female Mayor Pete who is running for POTUS not to do anything, not to accomplish anything, not even to stand for anything. Like her role model Obama, she is running purely out of ego and a drive for self-aggrandizement.

And I fear her for the horrible damage she can do. Wall Street is rejoicing at her being named, and that is enough for me to be scared. It means more bipartisan fuckery aimed squarely at the working class. I suppose those Wall Streeters remember when Kamala did a solid for their boy, Mnuchin.

It seems many may not care about her record, but I am sure that there are a lot of people who got foreclosed on who would have liked to have seen OneWest pay. And there are probably a lot of prisoners who are pissed because they had to serve extended sentences beyond their release dates just so that California’s prison slave labor pool would not be negatively impacted.

So — what we have in Kamala Harris is OBAMA 2.0 — a Wall Street puppet who wants desperately to be in that Big Club Carlin talked about. And she doesn’t really care about much else.

Harris will carry on Obama’s “legacy” by opposing Medicare For All (and saying she is “protecting” Obamacare), keeping the endless wars going, coddling Wall Street while screwing Main Street, and all the while chiding black folks to “pull their pants up” and stop whining about police brutality. She was a Top Cop, remember? And she made her bones running as a “lock’em up” hard-ass prosecutor. A prosecutor’s job is to feed people into our broken criminal justice system, and she did that with gusto.

She will not be having any of this BLM lawlessness.

Remember how Obama destroyed the peaceful Occupy Movement with a coast to coast, FBI-coordinated crackdown? Trump positively gushed with envy and praise about how Obama laid down the law against Occupy. Now we have an Obama wannabe who already has a head-cracking law enforcement background stepping into the WH. It will NOT bode will for Movement politics.

So yes, right now, in this moment, a “tough on crime” prosecutor who locked up poor people and coddled rich people may not be the right person to head a ticket with the guy who wrote the horrible Crime Bill that she enforced with such unbridled enthusiasm.

I had been feeling confident that Trump would lose. Now I am not so sure. And I must admit, I am also not so sure that beating Trump is worth consigning the Democrats and the country to 12 years of unreconstructed neoliberal dystopia.

That is, however, assuming that in 2024 we don’t get a Trump version 2.0 — smarter, better, with all his marbles — as a reaction to the Obama version 2.0 that is the Biden-Harris Administration.

I mean, it happened once, right?

Joe is a US Ex-Pat with dual US-EU citizenship, who travels Europe extensively, commenting on trends, attitudes, politics and more.

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