It is not fanaticism to describe someone who characterises 80%+ of the Democratic Party as “fanatics.” It is simply stating fact. Because you are not disagreeing with me, you are disagreeing with 4 out of 5 (or even 9 out of 10) Democrats. And given that you describe yourself as a Democrat, to look at the vast, vast majority of your cohorts and call them “fanatics” means that you are severely deficient in terms if mental acuity.

And about those Russian hackers “living in awe of [my] genius” — I have literally no idea what you are talking about. I don’t know any Russian hackers, and I severely doubt that any of them know me. This statement is simply a non sequitur, which is not surprising in view of my previous observation about your mental capability.

Regarding your specious argument against the $15 minimum wage: I will leave aside the fact that you are (like many Hillbots) parroting Right Wing Republican talking points and simply point out that the national minimum wage would be $12 if it had kept pace with inflation, and would, more importantly (and realistically), be $22 if it had been adjusted for gains in productivity. As a Democrat, that should be all you need to know, because it means that somewhere along the way the working people of America were betrayed and its time to rectify that injustice.

And as far as “nationalising a $3T market sector” is concerned, why does this bother/frighten you? It is, after all, something that they have done in every other civilised country in the world. But I am sure you know that — no, it just tells me that you are more concerned with “the market” than you are with people. which means that you are a Neoliberal in the true sense of the word.

Which prompts the question (borrowing from the song): Which side are you on, boy, which side are you on?

Certainly not that of the working people of America.

You Establishment Neoliberal CorpDems are telling us Berners that we should start our own Party. That is wrong. We have a Party, it’s just been hijacked by the likes of you. You Hive Queen Cultists represent Wall Street and Corporate America. That is the GOP’s job. It is YOU who should leave the Democrats. Go join the Republicans and get them to be OK with abortion, civil and gay rights. Push them back to being the Party that George HW Bush, Nixon and Henry Kissinger would have been OK with. Certainly that is the Party that the Clintons feel most comfortable in. And to their credit and our shame, they managed to turn the Democrats into just that Party: the GOP of ca. 1970.

We Berners see it as our job to oust the Reagan Democrats and restore the FDR Democrats. If you are not on board with that, get out of the way.

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