I have reported you for breaking the rules. Your targeted attacks on Ms. Johnstone rely on such blatantly and easily debunked falsehoods as to constitute both an intentional defamation of Ms. Johnstone and the deliberate deception of your readers. Shame on you.

You attempt to suggest that Caitlin’s other-hemispherical origin would disqualify her from opining on US political and cultural issues. Yet from your LinkedIn profile it appears you have never once set foot outside of the DC Metro area in your entire life, and you quite possibly may never have left the GW campus. I suggest that this would disqualify you from knowing what is going on in the great country that surrounds the swamp on the Potomac that you call home.

I have no idea what may arise from my complaint. Don’t worry, though, I am sure CTR can find you a lawyer if you need one. Hell, where you live, one can’t swing a cat without hitting 2 or 3 of the bastards.

Joe is a US Ex-Pat with dual US-EU citizenship, who travels Europe extensively, commenting on trends, attitudes, politics and more.

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