I have been a registered Democrat since 1976 and I’ve been voting Democrat since Carter. I am a 100% Bernie fan and I am totally DONE with the Democratic Party.

Millions of people like me are old enough to remember life before the Clintons and neoliberalism and the fucking DLC.

We want the old style Democratic Party, where Dems would revere FDR, not Reagan (Obama’s role model).

That’s Bernie.

So I would say that a good deal of Bernie’s supporters are baby boomers who didn’t like Bill Clinton, maybe voted for Tsongas (like I did) and then voted for Bradley (like I did) and finally, supported Howard Dean when he ran to “represent the Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party.” Dean has since sold out to become a giant POS lobbyist but back in 2003/4 he was onto something. That was where we saw the fissure start to really open in the Democratic Party.

Then came Obama, promising hope and change. Old and young, the people who wanted hope and change supported Obama. But he gave us more of the same, and in some cases, like war and drones, MUCH more of the same.

Look, Bernie is not pushing for anything new or outlandish. A Living Wage and single payer healthcare was part of FDR’s “Economic Bill of Rights” in 1944 (which he didn’t live to see enacted). Single Payer was part of Truman’s platform in 1945 and 1949. As far as free college is concerned, all public colleges and universities were tuition-free up until the 1970’s, when Reagan and a cabal of conservative governors introduced tuition to (1) offset tax cuts and (2) suppress student activism on campus after the anti-war demos of the late 60’s. But these schools were originally founded with Federal Land Grants specifically to be in-state tuition free under the Morrill Acts. Bernie is simply calling for them to go back to their original charters.

To sum it up: Bernie is calling for a rollback of the “Reagan Revolution” and the neoliberalism that followed. If you are a fan of Reagan, then you are either a millionaire, a masochist or an ignoramus. If you are none of these, then you should support Bernie’s movement to reform the Democratic Party by going BACK to our roots in the New Deal and the hopes and aspirations of FDR and Truman.

Joe is a US Ex-Pat with dual US-EU citizenship, who travels Europe extensively, commenting on trends, attitudes, politics and more.

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