Hillary is NOT the Anti-Trump. How could she be?

Your fawning paean to Hillary Clinton and her “magic glow” is noted for the record. However, it is full of falsehoods and misconceptions as well as blatant contradictions.

Your article begins by making the point that she does not hold official office, does not “run the Democratic Party” and she doesn’t even “run the Clinton Foundation.” I cannot believe you actually think this is true. But you spend most of the article explaining WHY Hillary is still so relevant, and why Bernie Sanders is, as you say, “impotent” and “unimportant” and “boring.”

I am not going to bombard you with all the facts about Bernie’s popularity, both within the Democratic Party and without; I won’t force you to look at graphs and poll results showing that Bernie is actually more popular among Clinton voters than Hillary herself is. No — I will not subject you to science and facts because I know that Hillary supporters like you are just like the GOP when it comes to certain things they believe “in their gut”.

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What I will do is argue that Hillary is an important target to the GOP not because of her “magic glow” or her Joan of Arc persona valiantly fighting against the evil forces of Trumpism, but rather because:

(1) The GOP cannot win on issues, they need to play the politics of personality and identity, so they need to make 2018 and 2020 about Trump and the GOP versus the “corrupt” and “elitist” Democrats;

(2) Hillary is the perfect target for such a campaign, as she provides a neverending source of corruption allegations, has a very rich track record of lying and dissembling and she has joined the 1% by amassing a fortune of over $150 Million through pay-to-play politics;

(3) Hillary is still in charge of the Democratic Party and the Democratic Machine that she and her husband have spent the last 25 years building and strengthening within the power enclaves of DC, Silicon Valley and above all, Wall Street, and so it is easy to paint all Democrats with the “Crooked Hillary” brush.

Why not target Bernie?

In the areas I listed above, Bernie is indeed “boring.” There are no corruption scandals, he is consistent in everything he does, and he delivers the same message to every audience. People like you attack Bernie for being a “one note candidate” and “sounding like a broken record.” But where you see “boring” is where most people — the great majority in fact — see consistency, honesty and integrity. This does not make good fodder for a campaign run on the politics of personal destruction.

Bernie is all about the issues. So are his followers. Indeed, people like you often attack us Berners as “purists” simply because we are so focussed and concentrated on the issues. But the GOP — and especially Trump — cannot win on issues, so they need to make it about personality.

And that is why they want to run against Hillary if they can. They beat her once; they can beat her again.

Hillary a “bastion” against Trump?

Another line that made me actually laugh out loud was that Hillary is “one of the most stalwart bastions against Trumpism.” Again, I cannot believe you are serious. Hillary is the woman who lost the election to Trump. Indeed, she is probably the only politician in the country who could have lost to Trump. And while Trump’s base remains strong and resolute, 15% of people who voted for Hillary now regret their decision. In short, Hillary is probably the least qualified person to lead the charge against the man who vanquished her at the polls last year.

And let’s keep it real: despite all the gaslighting from the Hillary camp about her being the “most electable”, Hillary was the one candidate that the Republicans were just dying to run against. Ann Coulter even said so to Breitbart, to Bill Maher, and to anyone else who would listen. Bernie posed the much bigger threat because of that whole “issues” thing.

That reality continues to hold true today, which is why you are seeing the GOP go after Hillary rather than Bernie.

Joe is a US Ex-Pat with dual US-EU citizenship, who travels Europe extensively, commenting on trends, attitudes, politics and more.

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