Gosh, where to begin? You are either very, very confused, or you are being paid to be deliberately incorrect on all counts.

OK. First, I can almost not believe that you are bringing up that oldest of smears, the “Bernie is a gun nut” narrative. This is part of a set of smears that the Brockroaches and Hillbotz started throwing around. The smears were so parrot-like in their blind vapidity that I decided to just write standard rebuttals for easy reference. The “Bernie voted with the NRA” smear has been designated Number 11 in this series. You will find a complete rebuttal and debunking to your pathetic little smear below:

Tr🍩ll Smear #11: “Bernie is Pro-NRA, Pro-Gun, voted 5 times against the Brady Bill, etc.”

Now, let’s tackle the second smear in your quiver: the idea that Bernie somehow voted against women’s rights. This I must admit is a new one, and in my experience not even the most rabid Hillbully would try to make it, especially since everyone knows that Bernie has perfect 100% ratings from NARAL, Planned Parenthood and NOW.

Face it, at this point you are just making shit up.

Thirdly, I want to address your assertion that we Berners are somehow cultish Bernie-worshippers. This is nonsense. None of us support Bernie because we are hell-bent on seeing the first septuagenarian Jew in the White House. This is a pure case of projection, because we all know that Hillary’s fan base is comprised to a large part of cultish zombies who walk around with T-shirts that say, “I’m with Her”. It is creepy. Hillbots are so consumed with the identity of Hillary Clinton and the concept of “first female President” that they constantly engage in mental gymnastics to find ways of supporting Clintonite neoliberal conservative positions, such as those on fracking (“bridge to clean energy”), Single Payer (“we don’t have time to wait around”), and of course war (“Libya was smart power at its best”).

We Berners are all about the policy, not the person. And your lame-ass smearing of Nina Turner is just more spiteful projection. I am not even going to deign your racist/sexist slur with an answer, because it is baseless (see below).

And I almost cannot believe that you raised that ridiculous charge about Bernie supporters voting for Trump. Yes, it is true that 12% of Sanders supporters ended up voting for Trump, but this is actually quite a low figure. Remember, in 2008, fully 25% of Clinton supporters voted for McCain.

So we can say that Sanders supporters were twice as loyal as Clinton supporters when it came to voting in the General. Or maybe it’s just rampant racism that permeates the ranks of the Clinton supporters that made 1/4 of them shy away from Obama? Either way, this argument is also specious.

And finally: Yes, Nina Turner runs something called “Our Revolution.” Note the use of the first person plural. That is what the organisation is about — helping progressives win, and they had a 60% win rate in the last round of primaries, with a 40% win rate since their inception, due in no small part to Nina Turner’s leadership.

This is unprecedented for a startup political group fielding candidates who refuse PAC money. It is positively astounding, and it heralds the crashing and burning of the phoney, DINO establishment run by neoliberal sellouts like you.

You talk about “American Democracy” and yet you have no idea what that even means. American Democracy reached its zenith under FDR and the New Deal Dems and fell to its nadir under the Clintonite/Obama neoliberal corporatists. Your days are numbered, kiddo. Enjoy your ignorant bloviating while you still can. Soon I will not have to even bother swatting down your ridiculous bleating.

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