Fascism, American Style

The US has been a fascist society since its inception.

The origins of modern fascism

Mussolini’s fascist flag, with the Roman “fasces

In the beginning ….

Mussolini and the Framers all opposed the “tyranny of the majority”

Like Mussolini, the Founding Fathers also emulated Rome

The Imperial Presidency of Richard Nixon

The Unitary Executive Theory of Bush and Cheney

White Settler Colonialism — the precursor to fascism?


Use of religion and “traditional values”

Benito Mussolini signing Lateran agreements, Vatican City, February 11, 1929.

The over-use of symbolism

LEFT — JFK gives a speech with one lone US flag; CENTER: Ronald Reagan introduced the idea of multiple flags forming a backdrop to his speeches; RIGHT: Trump takes hyper-nationalism to its extreme, hugging and kissing the US flag.
School children offer the original straight-armed salute to the U.S. flag, 1915


A mammoth display of “patriotism” as a prelude to a Green Bay Packers football game.

Demonization of The Enemy

This phrase could have been used in the 1850’s as well.
Democrats still blame Russia for “sewing dissent” in the US

Fascism is really just “Militant Anti-Socialism”

America’s love affair with Italian fascism

Mussolini salutes from a balcony flanked by fasces; Obama delivers his State of the Union flanked by these same symbols. The fasces placards were added during a renovation of the House chamber in 1950.
Fasces adorn almost all the modern buildings in DC, including the Lincoln Memorial.

America’s pro-fascist postwar policies

What it means to live under “Fascism, American Style”

Joe is a US Ex-Pat with dual US-EU citizenship, who travels Europe extensively, commenting on trends, attitudes, politics and more.

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