Fair question. I can tell you that when I wrote that line, I intended “we” to mean all Americans, if not all people in general. I did not intend it to mean just Democrats. When Obama signed an EO protecting lakes and rivers from pollution, it was not just the Democrats who got to drink clean water.

This does, however, point to a major reason why the Democrats are so despised. They are supposed to be the ones who defend the environment, who believe in science and facts, who represent The People and their interests, and guard against the inevitable depravities that the GOP can visit upon us.

But the fact that they claim to represent people while demonstrating such pervasive and persistent disdain for those very same people is part of the problem.

Democrats believe in their heart of hearts that they, as the ruling elite, “know better”. The policies of ruling by EO meant that the safeguarding of our existence was something too important to leave in the hands of voters and their representatives in the legislature. For Dems, it had to be done by an imperial Executive led by a benevolent despot and his coterie of Ivy-League apparatchiks.

We have seen this play out in many ways — most recently in the taped conversation between Steny Hoyer and Levi Tillemann, in which Hoyer tells Tillemann that “a decision was made” to support Tillemann’s opponent. Hoyer openly admits to having participated in a process that allowed an elite few to select the candidate in that race because it was too risky to leave it to the electorate.

The idea that the brainy brahmins of the DCCC knew who would “do better in the general” — even though they had proved themselves wrong over the previous 5 election cycles — is a classic example of the corruption, hubris and sclerosis that are hallmarks of today’s Democratic Party.

Joe is a US Ex-Pat with dual US-EU citizenship, who travels Europe extensively, commenting on trends, attitudes, politics and more.

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