Dear Hillary Fan:

You really need to go through some sort of cult deprogramming treatment. You are simply not seeing reality. My post was not a “paean.” If I EVER start describing Bernie as having a “magic glow”, or claim that he is the “most admired [man] on Earth,” or engage in any other such slavishly cultish behaviour, then you have my permission to shoot me dead.

But let me address your second Borg-brained post.

Firstly, your statement that “Hillary and Bernie were nearly identical on issues” is ridiculous on its face. They differed not only in voting history but on the substantive issues of the campaign itself in 2016. Bernie’s signature issue was universal, single payer healthcare, or Medicare For All. Hillary opposed single payer, and famously screamed that such a Medicare for All system “will never, ever come to pass”. Yes, she supported universal healthcare at one point, but that was before she took $13 Million in donations from the Healthcare lobby. Her record on this issue alone shows how corrupt she is, and how much she changes her stance based on her donors and the MONEY. Bernie, on the other hand, has been promoting the same policies and holding the same positions all his political life.

Then there is the Death Penalty, which Bernie opposed and Hillary supported. And of course all those wars, which — again — Bernie opposed and Hillary supported. And fracking, which Bernie opposed and Hillary, by her own admission, not only supported, but “promoted all over the world.”

And then there is the whole issue of Wall Street and bank regulation, which was a huge splitting point. Hillary was a self-admitted friend of Wall Street, while Bernie railed against their “greed and criminal behaviour.”

And don’t forget Keystone, the TPP, the $15 minimum wage, and all the other issues on which they differed.

And no, it is not “nonsense” to assert that the only person who could ever lose to the most unpopular politician in history would be the second-most unpopular politician in history. On the contrary, it is a logical and widely accepted position, and one that was recognised by none other than the Washington Post, a huge Clinton booster.

If it weren’t for Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton would be the most disliked major-party presidential nominee in recent American history. [Aaron Blake, Washington Post, July 18, 2016]

Finally, as to my assertion that Establishment Democrats are like Republicans, I will offer this simple meme:

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