Clint, you are 100% wrong about everything, and allow me to explain why.

First, let’s look at McGovern and why he lost so badly. It was actually because the Conservative Establishment wing of the Party sabotaged him:

As McGovern barreled toward the nomination, leading Democrats’ attacks became more desperate. Anti-McGovern Democrats staged an “Anybody But McGovern” movement at the convention. When that failed, some pledged that they would not campaign for him and might even support Nixon. A Democrat even handed Republicans their best attack line: “The people don’t know McGovern is for amnesty, abortion, and legalization of pot,” an unnamed Democratic senator told the press.

So McGovern lost because the Establishment Democrats opposed him. And why? Because he was against the Vietnam War. Also, 1972 was the year that the Republicans launched their racist “Southern Strategy.” So do you really think that McGovern should have supported the Vietnam War? Remember, it was poor and black kids that were getting killed over there. The “rich white kids” that you talk about were all getting college deferments. Should the Democrats have NOT opposed the war?

Think about it.

Actually, McGovern lost in the same way that Bernie Sanders lost: the Democratic establishment opposed him, and they made sure that a progressive would not take power. The “loser” narrative is a story that the Democratic Elites have made up in order to justify their own corporate corruption and right wing economic policies.

You are also 100% wrong about Carter. As the above article explains, Carter was by no means a “Purity Leftist” -

Jimmy Carter, who had led the “Anybody But McGovern” forces at the 1972 convention, mounted a centrist campaign that saw him take the White House … Once in office, Carter shifted to the right. Despite campaigning on McGovernesque promises to close tax loopholes for the rich, Carter signed into law a huge capital gains cut that gave 90 percent of its benefits to the top 10 percent of taxpayers. To this, Carter added a bevy of additional initiatives — including deregulation, fiscal austerity, and monetary restraint — that amounted to “slouching toward the supply-side,” as historian Bruce Schulman put it.

The Carter administration’s priorities devastated the Democratic coalition. While Reagan and his allies were busy integrating the Goldwaterite grassroots right into the GOP establishment during the 1970s, Carter and likeminded Democrats kept at arm’s length a vibrant ’70s grassroots left that included a revived labor movement, growing women’s and gay and lesbian right’s groups, and a bevy of new multi-issue organizations, such as ACORN, Common Cause, and Public Citizen. Nonetheless, when Reagan defeated Carter, neolibs blamed Carter’s alleged liberalism.

Yes, Carter lost in 1980, but it was NOT because he had gone too far left. If anything, he was trying to go too far RIGHT. He lost because he led the Democrats away from their base, and they were ripe for the plucking by the DLC.

Carter lost in 1980, but that was due to some very dirty tricks. I suggest you Google “Iran Contra Scandal” — you will see that the Reagan campaign had illegal contact with the Iranians and convinced them NOT to release the American hostages prior to the 1980 Election (as they were preparing to do), and in return the Reagan Administration would sell them arms and unfreeze their US assets, etc. Reagan committed treason, and colluded with a foreign government in order to win an election. Sound familiar?

Now — let’s take your totally absurd assertion that: “Leftists have never accomplished a single solitary piece of progress”. You need to read some history. FDR was a leftist. He was a socialist, and he introduced Social Security as well as a host of other programs to help working people.

You need to get your head on straight. The current “liberal” Democratic Party is a bunch of conservative elitist establishment types who have been running the party since 1985. They, like you, believe that it is only important to win elections. How you win them is immaterial. This type of thinking — your type of thinking — has killed the Party. You crow about the crumbs and scarps that you are able to glean from the table of the elite, and you condemn those that want something better. You would have kept Oliver Twist from asking for more.

I submit that it is YOU, Clint, who has the “loser” mentality, because you are content to scrape small, incrementalist changes, and “fight for” and “defend” and “protect” Social Security and Medicare — those things that REAL Democrats won in years gone by.

Clint, YOU are the one who has been cowed, broken, defeated, bamboozled, propagandized and misled into thinking that we cannot do better than to fight a “rear guard action” against the fascists and the conservatives to try to preserve what little was accomplished by our ancestors. You have been convinced that to dream big, to demand what once seemed inevitable, is simply a pipe dream.

When it comes to McGovern, you have literally been tricked into believing that it was a mistake to oppose the slaughter in Vietnam.

SHAME ON YOU. Grow a set, get up and fight for what is right.

Joe is a US Ex-Pat with dual US-EU citizenship, who travels Europe extensively, commenting on trends, attitudes, politics and more.

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