Bernie is spot on. The Democrats have never addressed the horrible problems in their Party, and they have no plan to address them. Perez is an Obama apparacthik. You have centa-millionaire Nancy Pelosi saying that “people don’t want a new direction” — so when Bernie talks about politicization, he is making a very good point: you cannot pretend to solve the death spiral of the Democratic Party by deposing Trump. When Trump is gone, you will still have the problems, the corruption, and the fact that 67% of voters say the Democrats are out of touch.

The Resistance” that is being now joined by none other than the Big Loser herself, is a phoney political movement that is designed to short circuit, defuse and dissipate the Revolution that Sanders sparked in 2015–16. I am sure that makes you cackle with glee, and while I have to rujin your oh-so moist moment, that means a return to the status quo. The very status quo that gave us Trump in the first place! The status quo that saw membership in the Democratic Party drop by 30% under Obama, that saw the Democrats lose 900 legislative seats and 2/3 of the governorships during that same period. Putin and Trump were not responsible for those horrific losses.

The Democratic Party is careening into oblivion, or at best a regional bicoastal party of elites. Bernie sees this happening, and is warning against focusing too much on Trump and Russia. Whatever may have happened, you cannot blame the Kremlin for the failure of the Democratic Party from coast to coast, at all levels of government and over the course of a decade.

Joe is a US Ex-Pat with dual US-EU citizenship, who travels Europe extensively, commenting on trends, attitudes, politics and more.

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