Amy Coney Barrett is a Fraud.

She is what we call a “Cafeteria Catholic” — intellectually and spiritually dishonest.

Joe Brunoli
5 min readOct 15, 2020


Amy Coney Barrett is currently the latest judicial lightning rod, drawing virtually universal condemnation from one side of the political divide and universal praise from the other.

Still, it seems that everyone from the Left who is engaging in that “debate” is failing to see the real threat she poses.

ACB is not the threat that Liberals in Congress and the Media say she is. She is much, much worse.

The Abortion Shell Game

Everyone makes a big deal of the idea that she might vote against Roe v. Wade, but that is missing the point. That is what the Establishment want us to think about. “Oh no,” the Democrats say, “she will overturn Roe!”- HORSESHIT.

The Democrats have had 47 years — almost a half a century — to actually codify the Roe decision into law. The right of a woman to control her own body should NOT be left to the courts. People say that the right to an abortion is “the law of the land” but that is HORSESHIT. There is no law that says a woman has the right to an abortion. Abortion rights are all predicated on the Supreme Court’s 1973 decision that a woman has a “right to privacy” when choosing to have an abortion. A very tenuous position at best.

But that position suits the purpose of the corporate oligarchy. By refusing to make abortion legal through actual legislation, the Democrats get to use the Supreme Court as a cudgel to beat recalcitrant Leftists over the head every four years. “You HAVE to vote for the Democrat, otherwise they will overturn Roe v. Wade!”. So the Democrats use the abortion issue to shame the Left into voting for the corporatist Democrat.

The GOP also gets to use the abortion issue as a carrot for their own base. Evangelicals in 2016 came out in droves to vote the morally repugnant Trump ONLY because he promised to nominate “pro-life” judges to the Supreme Court. And he has delivered on that promise, which is why 90% of Evangelicals still support him in 2020. Despite the Coronavirus disaster. Despite the economic catastrophe.

And THAT is why the Republicans never really tried to outlaw abortion through legislation. Why should they? The abortion issue is a huge “get out the vote” issue for them too.



Joe Brunoli

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